What is comjoodoc EASY?

comjoodoc EASY is our app for patients – it enables you to receive optimal health care from the doctors of your choice.

For this purpose we provide you with various functions free of charge: Data exchange with doctors, video consultations and discussion of questions with the doctor via chat, appointment setting function, transmission of vital signs, medical conditions, medication plans or laboratory results, issuing digital prescriptions or certificates of incapacity to work. Integrate the healthcare providers you trust into your care and thus enable smooth communication and a balanced level of information. Simply call up value-added services, e.g. laboratory services for optimal care and quality of life. With comjoodoc EASY, you are well connected to modern health care everywhere and at all times.

Communicate directly with your doctors

comjoodoc EASY enables direct communication with your doctors.
Urgent questions can be asked and answered directly in the chat – this saves you the time and costs of unnecessary doctor’s appointments.
Your doctor can also arrange video conferences with you, which you can also hold conveniently via your mobile phone.

Securely exchange data with your doctors

Exchanging data with doctors securely is easy with comjoodoc EASY.

The first option is to attach data and sent it via your personal chat with your doctor.
The second option is sharing your vital data with your doctor. Your general well-being is monitored daily and you can also transmit data such as heart rate, weight, blood sugar levels and many more. The doctor can view these in the corresponding program and react immediately if complications arise or if certain values are surpassed.

Keep the overview

This is how you can keep an overview of all of your important data:

comjoodoc EASY provides you with various overviews. Your measured data is turned into easy-to-read graphics. The doctor can also provide your medication plans in the app, so you always have access to all important information.
Appointments can also be created via the app.

You have control over your data

You retain complete control over your personal data – a doctor can only access your data if you have granted access rights. The access right can be withdrawn at any time.

comjoo guarantees the highest level of data protection for all products. You can find more information here:

Data protection

Do you want to join us?

Would you like to use the advantages of comjoodoc EASY?
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