comjoodoc creates trust in digital and interdisciplinary health care for all users.
We create this trust through comprehensive implementation of the following aspects:

Your data is protected

  • EU DSGVO compliant
  • Compliant with E-Health law (informational self-determination)
  • End-to-end encrypted real-time communication
  • Encrypted data transport, encrypted data storage
  • No unintentional access due to role and rights concept
  • Communication and data do not leave the platform
  • No data collection, building of profiles, etc.

National and secure platform operation

  • Alignment with the BSI IT Grundschutz
  • Operation in certified national computer centres
  • Medical device CE class 1

Security by Design

  • Secure identities for healthcare providers
  • We are aligned with the following data protection standards: HL7 FHIR, LDAP, OAuth 2.0, open source whenever possible
  • Data transport and storage are encrypted
  • Formation of support networks as a basis for role allocation
  • We guarantee security in development: even before quality assurance, peer review of our program code is an integral part of the process

We are monitored and are independent

  • Communications service provider according to §6 TKG, controlled by BNetzA
  • In consideration of the Fernmeldegeheimnis
  • External monitoring by the medical law experts Dierks + Company
  • External independent data protection officer Gregor Klar
  • No strategic interests of investors and third parties

We enjoy public trust

  • Funded as a central platform for digital health care, see
The DACE Project